Primary Factors to think before buying a First-Year Car Model

A car buying process is equal parts fun and equal parts strenuous. Buying a car maybe a necessary decision for you but you need to make sure you are buying the correct model. Often, people think that purchasing a first-year model may be an exciting decision. While another point of view stands that most problems in cars are not detected until after their second or third model is introduced. However, before you set out to buy your next car, it is important to map your choices in the appropriate manner.

The Uncertain Business of First-Year Car Models

While one may always be wary about purchasing a first-year car model, it is smart to know the details of your purchase. The following factors will help you to give a deeper understanding of first-year car models.

1) Lack of any Reliable Data

Nothing can be detected or corrected if it is being used for the first time. Automakers do several road tests in various climatic conditions as well as favorable environments before launching any car. Auto manufactures test the car’s performance in extreme desert condition as well as below zero degrees. According to a report, the 2001 Jaguar X-Type was a huge failure as it was equal to its competitors such as Audi & Mercedes in pricing, but it did not satisfy the customers in terms of performance, quality & technology.

The long-term use of the car cannot be tested as it is a first-year car model. The long-term user reviews are a big element that goes missing when you opt for a new car model. With little or no reliable data, it becomes difficult to calculate the reliability of a recently introduced car model. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a new car that has been in the market for a long time and has built goodwill on its brand as well as performance.

2) Opportunity Loss

A big reason why people shift away from first-year models is that they will miss out on the improvements in the car that will come later. Probably a car maker may feel the need to change an interior feature or add another color that is demanded by the buyers. In comparison of Hyundai Elantra 2017, Elantra 2018 scores higher as it has a number of features such as a power sunroof and three-year membership to Hyundai’s flagship Blue Link Semantics services. Additionally, Hyundai Elantra 2018 also fares better than its lower models in terms of fuel efficiency and will offer you a better resale price than the 2017 model.

Buying the latest model will help you to enjoy advances features as well as the new updates that were not available in the first-year car model. Garnering enough patience to wait for a new model is a small price to pay in order to avoid an opportunity loss and regret your decision later.

Wait for It: Make the Right Decision

With the fast-paced world, the world of automobile is not far away in advancing every year. It might be exciting to purchase the first model that is launched, however, it is not without its risks. Many cars that are launched in its first year have been withdrawn from the market within a few months. Therefore, it is a wise decision to wait for the car to play out in the market, observe how it is doing and then make a purchase. Buying a second-year or third-year model will only bring in more upgrades and better technology to you.

Tips for getting an Auto Loan While working Multiple Part-Time Jobs

In this day and age when the workplace is miles away from your home and a comfortable trip is a necessity, getting your own car becomes a utility purchase rather than luxury. An auto loan is a tool that helps you ease your financial burden during a vehicle purchase. In order to get financing, you need to show a credible source of income. Do not worry if you are working more than one part-time jobs. The good news is that if you take care of a few things, you can obtain an auto-loan even if you do not have a steady job.

Multiply Your Auto Loan Approval Chances

Obtaining an auto loan while managing multiple part-time jobs is easy if you consider the following key points.

1) Total Income Amount

While examining your situation, a lender looks at your total income rather than the hours taken to earn that income. As long as your total income amount at the end of the month is equivalent to or above the lender’s minimum requirement, the lender will consider your auto loan application. The usual benchmark for minimum monthly income requirement ranges from $1,500-$2,000. For instance, Robert earns $1,800 from his first part-time job and $200 from his second part-time job; while Liam earns $1,200 and $800 from his first and second part-time job respectively. In the above case, Robert is more likely to attain the auto loan approval over Liam as his income from one part-time job is more than the minimum requirement.

2) Debt-to-Income Ratio

The debt you own against your income makes your debt-to-income ratio. Your total reported earnings against your current debt will be calculated in order to obtain the number. A DTI ratio of 45 to 50 percent is accepted. It is a good idea to clear all your previous debts before you apply for an auto loan and keep tracks of monthly payments such as credit cards. Working on your debt-to-income ratio will prove highly beneficial to increase your creditworthiness.

3) Job Stability & Job Relatedness

The longer you stick to your part-time job, the more likely you are to obtain your auto loan. As your income stream is not singular, you will have to work on justifying your credibility. Therefore, take every chance to establish that you are serious about your part-time jobs by providing your pay stubs of the last six months. They will showcase a consistent flow of income. For example, if you are a computer engineer that does coding as a part-time job, it displays job relatedness and enhances your chances of obtaining an auto loan.

Part-time Jobs to a Full Ownership of Car

Working at various part-time jobs can be your strength as you can build your application on the income of two or more jobs. Make sure you build a credible foundation and a decent credit score that will help you to get auto financing. Take the correct steps and get closer to your dream car with the stepping stones of various part-time jobs.

Give Your Business Accounting a Smart Touch with QuickBooks Hosting

Ecommerce sites are the new trendsetters in the world of online shopping. From teleshopping to purchasing online, the customer demands for products and services have taken a dramatic leap. While customers still love to head out to the real life stores, shopping within the comforts of home is another level of satisfaction. Thus, e-commerce has become the new name for comfort shopping.

How do the online shopping sites manage sales?

A lot needs to be done when selling products online. The seller needs to be aware about every sphere of his online business- from inventory management to managing the payroll, keeping a track of payments to making refunds for returns and ensuring a unique shopping experience for his customers.

To manage the online business in the best possible manner, the owner must make sure that:

The website is fully functional – with easy navigation, attractive layout, quick loading speed.
The products are well classified with attractive pictures and every important product detail, such as, the colors available, cost, discount price, coupons applicable, and availability and delivery charges.
There are adequate payment platforms available
Customers should be informed about the offers, discounts and schemes, if any
Ways to Maximize Online Sales with QuickBooks Hosting:

The competition among online shopping sites is massive. From heavy marketing and new offers every day, it is a challenge to keep up with the growing competition. One of the best ways to maximize online sales is to introduce your business to QuickBooks Hosting.

The combination of QuickBooks and Ecommerce

Apart from all the challenges of running an online business, managing the accounts is primary. An average entrepreneur spends at least 40 hours a week in taking care of his accounts and sales. It is highly counterproductive to make the entries manually as it increases chances of making mistakes and error correction is again time consuming. Having synced the business with QuickBooks can save the entrepreneur’s time which can then be channeled into other areas of high importance.

Various areas need attention when planning to integrate Ecommerce with QuickBooks. The Ecommerce website needs to be acquainted with certain specific features to have a platform optimized for a functional relation between Ecommerce and QuickBooks:

Website must be optimized to be usable both on desktop as well as on mobile phone
The website must have an attractive, user friendly layout
The navigation must be quick and easy
Every important link and tags should be present on the website for the visitor’s comfort
The website must be regularly updated with latest offers and information about what’s new
Follow ups must be made in case a customer tries to intimate about his personal reviews
Make the website optimized with SEO tags to improve visibility
Orders and deliveries must be tracked quickly
There should be an experienced support team available 24*7 to avoid breakdowns
Provisions should be made to handle bulk orders and heavy traffic
Benefits: How will QuickBooks help with Ecommerce?

Say hello to happy customers: Integration of QuickBooks with Ecommerce will present your customers with a unique experience of online shopping. Easy payments online, safe and secure payment platforms, up-to-date product details, well managed inventory, quick order confirmation and a lot to choose from is all that the customers want. Integration meets all these demands.

Improved operational efficiency: With an integrated platform, several tasks can be managed with great efficiency. From listing the products and their prices online, gathering customer data, collecting the sales statistics, updating inventory information, etc. Thus, from order to sales, operations can be performed smoothly.

Less wastage of time: With an integrated system of E-commerce and QuickBooks, the same data does not need to be entered twice at different platforms. This helps to save time and prevents errors.

Easy management: Managing the Ecommerce website and QuickBooks separately invites errors and time lags. Mismatch of information is a common occurrence and is a red flag when it comes to the customer’s trust. Thus, an integrated platform is a must to gain and retain customers.

Data consistency and accuracy: Integrating Ecommerce with QuickBooks means an up-to-date business with every information about products, orders, customer base, inventory status, pending deliveries, payments, refunds and etceteras. Since the data is consolidated into one for both the platforms, it is both consistent as well as accurate.

Online shopping is a rage nowadays and moving the business online is a step worth taking. Whether you already have an ecommerce website or you are planning to move your small or medium sized business on site, integration with QuickBooks is a must. An ecommerce website helps the seller to sell quickly and work efficiently. Hence, making the switch to an integrated business will help to ensure a proactive and smooth running of the company’s sales.

Business Consultants – How They Help Your Company

Most businesses could greatly benefit from a business consultant but most business owners usually have to run into a serious problem before they recognise the need for one. A problem may have arisen in the business through expansion or having to take on more staff. Any significant shift in the working environment will greatly magnify difficulties that most likely already existed.

There are other reasons why business owners are reluctant to use business consultants. They may fear losing control or being asked to implement strategies they don’t like. They may even fear criticism or worry about running up huge fees.

However, good business consultants are used to dealing with all these common concerns. They should know how to handle people as well as steer a business in the right direction. They know the trust and full co-operation of all personnel have to be gained to be successful.

By retaining a good business consultant, an owner should expect to benefit in the following ways:

o Increased clarity – the business consultant should be able to identify clearly where the business currently stands and the way forward

o Increased focus – as an attainable plan of action is developed with practical paths to each goal

o Better time management – more time spent productively and time wasting activities eliminated

o Increased commitment – as personnel are deployed more satisfactorily

o Improved communication – for employees and clients

o Better co-operation – with all members of the business feeling valued

o Increase in retention – as staff value their employer’s business and their place in it

o Less stress – as issues are faced and dealt with

Care needs to be taken when choosing a business consultant. Checks should be made on references, credentials and personality. If the owner or staff cannot get on with them on a personal level, it simply won’t work.

Des Vadgama is a leading expert on fast business growth and boosting profits by 50% or more.

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